Potlatch Fund

Resiliency Fund


Applications open June 21st, 2021.

Dream with us. It’s a new day. Time to breathe deeper and to stand strong in our resilience. Time to gather and ignite new dreams. Time to light up our visions across our cultures. Time to lift up our hopes across our communities. Potlatch Fund invites you to help lead us forward. For our communities. For our cultures. For our relations. It’s time.

Do you have a dream, a great idea, for serving your Indigenous community? We want to know. Is there a project or community program we can help fund? Are you a Native artist with passion, voice, vision? Are you called to be a keeper of our cultures, who serves so future generations know language and traditions? Do you envision strengthening connections to Indigenous lifeways for healthier communities? How can we help?

Potlatch Fund’s New Resiliency Fund
At Potlatch Fund, we’re reimagining and redefining how we support our communities, and we want you to join us. That’s why we can’t wait another day to announce Potlatch Fund’s New Resiliency Fund. In the very near future, we’ll be posting more details about this new funding opportunity on this page. For now, we just want to say:

Our vision for philanthropy and our community includes funding that’s more open and inclusive. Relationships based on mutual trust and respect. And a streamlined application process.

We acknowledge that Indigenous peoples are called upon to be strong across generations and we stand to support those who champion healing and resiliency work. We strive to create ease, safety and a place to rest and therefore our act of resiliency and healing brings us closer.

The Pandemic was An Awakening
Last year was one of transformation for our organization. Along with the communities we serve, we spent much of the year in crisis mode because of COVID-19. As our Native relatives wrestled with the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Potlatch Fund responded with critical funding to keep communities and culture keepers safe, programs running, and artists working.

Along the way, we simplified processes in order to get funding to as many relatives and programs as quickly as we could.

It worked! And it got us dreaming about the future of philanthropy itself: What if we could take the lessons of the pandemic and imagine a new path forward? So we did.

It’s time to dream our dreams again.


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