We are excited to have our Prosperity Wool Blanket available to purchase this holiday season!

Blue for our homeland’s rivers. Red for the blood of our warriors. Old-style pink that was traditionally only acquired through trade with neighboring tribes. Potlatch Fund grantee, Mikailah Thompson (nimiipuu/Black), chose the colors of our Prosperity Wool Blanket based on traditional nimíipuu beadwork, while creating a blanket that represents 20 years of giving and supporting our community.


The design of Prosperity Wool Blanket is based on a large-scale beaded canvas that Mikailah created. The colors of her original beaded piece as well as this blanket were very specifically chosen. “Colors have always held a strong meaning to the nimíipuu people based on location and availability during trade in the nineteenth century,” shares Mikailah. “Many of the colors found in this blanket are the bead colors nimíipuu artists first had access to when we began beading.”

Working together to bring forward this blanket has been an honor for Potlatch Fund, and it means a lot to partner with Eighth Generation in this endeavor. Artists and cultural keepers are the heart of our community and uplifting artists like Mikailah is vital to our mission. The proceeds of this blanket go towards funding Potlatch Fund and the many artists we support through our work.


To receive your blanket before the holidays, please purchase by December 15, 2023. All blanket purchases after December 15th will be shipped in early 2024.

Limited Availability. Local Seattle, WA pick up available. Email info@nullpotlatchfund.org to coordinate.

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Blanket Specifics:

  • 2-sided design
  • Covers top of queen size bed (59 in x 78 in/ 200 cm x 150 cm)
  • Colors include turquoise, pink, and lime green
  • Microsuede edge band
  • 100% wool pile; 100% polyester warp
  • Designed by Mikailah Thompson (niimipu/Nez Perce and Black)
  • Imported
  • Dry clean