Announcing 2023 Spirit of Reciprocity Awardee, Sheryl Fryberg!

We are honored to announce this year’s Spirit of Reciprocity Awardee, Sheryl Fryberg (Tulalip). Sheryl has been a longtime supporter of Potlatch Fund and was selected because she: exemplifies strong ties to Potlatch Fund and its mission; demonstrated the ability to engage and impact her community; is from a community in close proximity to the host tribe; fosters a genuine sense of outreach and inclusion; launched her work focused on Indigenous/Native community(ies); is creating change with a vision towards the future; demonstrates significant promise of leadership, participation, and accomplishment; and identifies as Native and is a known identity within her community.

Upon receiving the award, Sheryl shared the following with us, “I look at this money as an investment. An investment in my community, and yours. A way to support the future generations. I believe that language, culture, song, and dance are part of what is going to heal our communities. It is by having the opportunity to participate in Tribal Journey and other community driven activities that are funded by Potlatch [Fund] that our children and families reconnect with their “traditional ways of being” that provides healing.”

Director of Philanthropic Partnerships, Brian Tanner, adds, “I think Sheryl has a very innovative way of giving. It’s one that we wish to offer to donors for Potlatch Fund. Sheryl is able to calculate how much she would have paid in Federal tax and give that portion to Potlatch Fund. The way Sheryl gives is intentional and she gets to decide where her hard-earned money is spent, and she chooses Potlatch Fund.”

Thank you, Sheryl, for continued support of Potlatch Fund!
The Spirit of Reciprocity Award was established to recognize emerging leaders, from the local community, who have demonstrated significant promise of leadership, participation, and accomplishment within Northwest Indian Country. The award is presented at Potlatch Fund’s annual fundraising gala, which honors the traditional values of the potlatch ceremony: celebration, sharing, and giving. The annual fundraising gala provides the opportunity to share culture through song and dance performances, to support and celebrate Native art and artists, and to assist Potlatch Fund with its fundraising efforts as it continues to undertake important work throughout Northwest Indian Country. The event is Potlatch Fund’s major fundraising event and brings together people from many different tribes, organizations, corporations, and communities.
We raise our hands to everyone for supporting our mission and everyone who joined us at our 20th Anniversary Gala. If you are inspired by Sheryl’s story, you can make a donation here: