Our mission is to build on the Native tradition of giving in two ways: Increasing philanthropy for and among Tribal communities through grants, and empowering community leaders with the tools they need to succeed through training.

Our work is inspired by the ceremonial potlatch—a traditional gift-giving ceremony in which clans and families distributed wealth throughout their communities. Establishing a gift economy, these potlatches encouraged wealth distribution and helped to build tribes based on social equity and communal responsibility.

Today, we continue to catalyze an economy of shared resources in the spirit of our ancestors. Not just to benefit the Tribes we serve, but to strengthen the fabric of society at large. When local communities prosper, everyone prospers.

Our Values

We recognize the sovereign status of Tribes.
We seek to support and complement the work of Tribal governments and communities.
We believe the Earth and its resources belong to us all.
We aim to honor, enrich and protect the natural world.
We honor Elders, children and future generations.
We operate according to the belief that we are all one people.
We measure wealth not just in possessions but in generosity.
We emphasize philanthropy and Potlatches as essential tools for community wellbeing.