Since 2002, Potlatch Fund has distributed $4.2 million in grants to Northwest Native communities. We aim to continue expanding philanthropy across Indian Country through the following intiatives. 

Potlatch builds bridges between Native communities and grantmaking foundations. 

  • We host “Funders’ briefings” with foundation staff and Native leaders to learn from one another. 
  • We participate in philanthropic networks to communicate strategies to address the needs and opportunities in Indian Country 
  • We reach out to individual donors and private foundations without a history of giving to Native communities. 
  • We help tribal foundations attract additional money. 
  • We encourage the work of donors and foundations with established histories of providing grants to Native communities. 

We look for long-term solutions to systemic challenges facing Northwest Indian people. 

Our community-based, holistic approach focuses on root causes. The Potlatch Fund encourages efforts that:

  • Evaluate the problems and needs of a community by also evaluating its existing assets.
  • Promote community organizing, community building, and community celebration.
  • Recognize that problem prevention is key to long-term problem solving. 

We employ innovative strategies and culturally appropriate models. 

In addition to seeking out new initiatives, we honor established programs, demonstrated leadership, and already-achieved accomplishments.

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