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Since time immemorial, our Pacific Northwest Native ancestors held potlatches and enacted the ceremonial protocol of the giveaway: giving away riches from one clan or family to another. The potlatch initiated a gift economy that encouraged wealth distribution and built communities based upon fostering communal responsibility and social equity.

Today, we celebrate this abundant tradition in two ways. First, we continue potlatch protocol by collecting and redistributing financial abundance as these gifts strengthen the backbone of Native communities. Second, we promote and advocate philanthropy as the means to improve these communities and encourage a better quality of life for others.

COVID-19 in Native Communities

In response to COVID-19, Potlatch Fund has redirected our funds from our Grantmaking Program and our own General Operations to fund our past grantees affected by COVID-19. We funded 42 Native-led and Tribal organizations for a total of $220,000.

Potlatch Fund knows that we can do better. All the funds raised during this campaign will be matched, up to $1 Million. Native American and Tribal Organizations are often disenfranchised and the least funded in general and during extreme crisis. Help us alleviate the disparities and injustice in our communities.