COVID-19 Update

At Potlatch Fund, we are adapting to the new, temporary reality that COVID-19 requires of us. We’re practicing social distancing and working remotely. We’re meeting online.

But we are still here for our community.

Now more than ever, community will be the key to our long-term well-being. And we want to make sure that the communities and community leaders we serve do more than just survive during this crisis. We want to help them thrive.

So we’re busy strategizing how to allocate funding where it will do the most good. We’re asking grantees, “What kind of relief do you need right now?” And we’re listening carefully and thoughtfully to their answers.

We will share the details of how we’ll continue to support our grantees with you in the next few days. Make sure to check here regularly as we move forward together to support our Indigenous communities while they grapple with the challenges of COVID-19.

We’ll have some exciting news to share soon!