The 2017/18 Language Preservation Cohort is currently in progress. All current and past Potlatch Fund grantees are eligible to register.

This year, the Language Preservation Cohort is embarking on an exciting new strategy to increase the capacity of our language leaders and learners. The cohort’s focus will be on conducting a Community Language Assessment as outlined in our pioneering Language Transfer System. The Language Preservation Cohort includes two convenings and eight webinars.

Lenore Stiffarm
   Representing Aa Nii Nak 
Diane Teeman
   Representing Burns Paiute – Language    Department
Cree Whelsula
   Representing Colville Language
Jesse DesRosier
   Representing Piegan Institute
Sondra Segundo-CunninghamGleason Sims, and Bear Alexander
   Representing Haida Heritage Foundation 
Gerald Gray and Lanny Realbird
   Representing Little Shell Tribe Education
Josh Phair and Waylon Ballew
   Representing Lummi Nation Service
James Jamie
   Representing Quileute Tribe
Barry Moses and Chad Hamill
   Representing Spokane Language House
Jefferson Greene
   Representing Warm Springs Tribes 
   Culture & Heritage

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indians
Hearts Gathered
Ke Kukui Foundation
Nez Perce Tribe- Langauge Department
Nooksack Tribe
Suquamish Tribe- Education Department
Salish School of Spokane
Warm Springs Tribes- Culture & Heritage