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2018 Grantees

Fourteen grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana a received a total of $104,000 with funding provided by the NoVo Foundation, the Kalliopeia Foundation, the City of Seattle Human Services Department, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, private donations, and contributions from the 2017 Silent Auction.

Asia Tail
Tacoma, WA – $2,000
Funds to support the artist as they work with community to create sculptural planters for the Poetry Garden at the Seattle Center. The hanging artworks will be filled with Indigenous plants and shaped to reflect common motifs in stories of the Plant People shared across tribes. 

Britt Rynearson
Burien, WA – $7,500
Support for an exhibition of blankets made by contemporary Native artisans at the Wallowa Homeland Long House on April 6, 2019. The work exhibited will be inspired by research completed by the lead artist on the textiles of the Nez Perce people. 

Heather Cahoon
Missoula, MT – $7,500
Support to help revise/expand the award-winning poetry chapbook, Elk Thirst, and preparing it for publication as a full, book-length collection of poems.

Jenny Williams
Lapwai, ID – $9,500
Support for a project based on traditional “Seasonal Round”. Students participate in cultural activities while integrating the language and history which increases their knowledge of traditional practices and reviving student’s cultural knowledge base.

Jessica Mehta
Hillsboro, OR – $10,000
Support for two projects 1) workshops for a curated anthology of poetry by incarcerated and previously incarcerated Native women and 2) the publication of Bad Indian, a hybrid short story and poetry collection.

Kalispel Tribe of Indians: Language
Usk, WA – $10,000
Support for a motion graphics artist to animate illustrations of 15 Kalispel traditional stories with audio recordings of tribal elders’ rendering of traditional storytelling to digital media.

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe: Education
Port Angeles, WA – $7,500
Support for students to learn how to draw Coast Salish designs and basic carving skills from a master carver. The final outcome of the process being a beautifully carved entrance arbor for a traditional Plants garden.

Marlene Simla
Toppenish, WA – $500
Support for the publication of a beautifully illustrated story which answers the questions: Why do Native Americans usually always have a dog with them? Why do Native Americans feel close to the earth?

One Heart Native Arts and Film Festival
Spokane, WA – $7,500
Support for the annual festival held each fall in Spokane, WA. This year, One Heart Native Arts and Film Festival will take place October 19th, 20th, and 21st. Programs will include films, music, fashion, and visual arts.

Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
Kingston, WA – $7,500
Support for the Weaving Traditions Together Project is working to preserve and promote the traditional Coast Salish wool weaving methods through community exhibitions, teaching those interested, and mentoring the devoted to proficiency.

Sara Siestreem
Portland, OR – $9,500
General support of the artist’s ongoing works..

Warm Springs, OR – $7,500
Support to build the capacity of Tananáwit (http://warmspringsartists.org/), a Community of Warm Springs Artists, by recruiting artists and creating strong outreach strategies. 

Titus Capoeman
taholah, WA – $7,500
Support for an all Veteran canoe carving and healing project hosted at the Quinault Indian Nation, integrating Native vets in the making of a traditional canoe, learning cultural ways, and featuring participation in Tribal Journeys 2019.

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation
Seattle, WA – $10,000
Support for the transmission and growth of Native arts knowledge and practice, through providing AI/AN artists opportunities for business development, networking, exhibition, and paid teaching artist workshops.

2017 Grantees

Eleven grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana a received a total of $86,118 with funding provided by the Indigenous People’s Fund of Tides Foundation, an anonymous foundation, private donations, and contributions from the 2016 Silent Auction.

Asia Marie Tail
Tacoma, WA – $1,500
Funding to support the artistic growth of artists Asia Tail (Cherokee) and Raven Juarez (Blackfeet) through the exhibition Moon Moan at Spaceworks Gallery in Tacoma, which will include an interactive installation, performances, and a free family activity.

Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Cheyenne Nation
Lame Deer, MT – $10,000
Funding that supports a project encouraging youth to discover their own creativity, sense of purpose and develop leadership skills that provide an understanding of our culture, traditional values and sense of responsibility for self, others, and for our homeland. 

Delbert Wayne Miller
Shelton, WA – $10,000
Funding to help build the first medicine house in this territory since the 1850s, a place to teach the next generation that we are not pitiful or helpless–we are building this house to prove we are still here and we are passionate about our old culture. 

Jenny Williams
Lapwai, ID – $9,798
Funding that supports a project based on traditional “Seasonal Round”. Students participate in cultural activities while integrating the language and history which increases their knowledge of traditional practices and reviving student’s cultural knowledge base.

Jessica Mehta
Hillsboro, OR – $7,644
Funding that support “Savagery”, a collaborative project between an award-winning Cherokee poet and Nisqually painter. Both are native to the Pacific Northwest, and are crafting an illustrated collection of culturally competent artistry with deep PNW roots.

Moses Yellow Robe
Missoula, MT – $7,500
Funding to improve both equipment and working space while providing Missoula Native Youth an opportunity to learn welded metal sculpture art as an outlet to use as a form of freedom of expression.

Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association
Covington, WA – $7,500
Funding to assist NNABA in holding three separate mini gatherings at tribal locations from 10/13/17 to 6/1/18 offering more weaver teaching weavers opportunities to members, as well as expand and hold our youth track and youth teaching elders programs.

Northwest Native Development Fund
Coulee Dam, WA – $4,531.30
Funding for the organization’s Plateau Native Arts Initiative is a program, which is designed to build sustainable Native Artist businesses by providing Native entrepreneurship and Native Artist training, direct technical assistance, and gallery space.

Sondra Simone Segundo
Seattle, WA – $7,645
Funding to help complete two additional children’s books, finish my album and audio books, start a Native publishing company and share this wisdom with the next generation through book readings and teachings from an Indigenous Perspective.

The Museum At Warm Springs
Warm Springs, OR – $10,000
Funding to support the Museum’s Tribal Member and Tribal Youth Art Exhibits, which honor the heritage of Warm Springs through traditional and contemporary art. The artists work is rooted in Tribal heritage at the exhibits that encourage the arts and delight the community.

Valerie Anne Segrest
Enumclaw, WA – $10,000
Funding to support the development a recipe book that blends modern and ancient food preparations of Coast Salish cuisine, provides reassuring advice that affirms culinary history and offers adaptable recipes for all ages to cook, eat and enjoy more Northwest native foods.

2016 Grantees

Twenty grantees in Washington, and Oregon a received a total of $85,353 with funding provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an anonymous foundation, private donations, and contributions from the 2015 Silent Auction.

Children of the Setting Sun Productions
Bellingham, WA – $5,000
Funding to collect memories from elders of Tribal life around salmon, treaty rights, and ancient life ways including songs, legends, and critical historical events. The results of our work will be integrated into the curriculum of Tribal schools to inform the next generation of Tribal youth.

Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation:History/Archaeology Program
Nespelem , WA – $5,000
Funding for a canoe carving project during the summer of 2017. This project is a hand’s on community based learning experience, which will result in a traditional cottonwood dugout canoe.

Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts
Pendleton, OR – $5,000
Funding to support a series of Creative Indigenous Arts workshops over an 18 month period. The primary workshop will be a week-long class of Navajo weaving, taught by Navajo master weaver Anita Hathale.

Demian Diné Yazhi
Portland, OR – $3,637.50
Support for ANCESTRAL MEMORY, a limited edition, forthcoming letterpress poetry chapbook self-published. Grant support will assist with studio rental, updating computer editing software, printing, web development, and materials for publication. When the chapbook launches, a promotional poetry reading tour will be scheduled and community engagement with regional reservations will occur.

Elizabeth Ann Woody
Warm Springs, OR – $5,000
Funding for the author and artist during the critical phase of creating new work, creation and revision of two manuscripts over a two month period.

Hamumu Arts Collective
Indianola, WA – $3,724
Funding to develop a website with rich cultural and educational resources. The website will bring to life stories in a series of films about how we honor other people and the environment. The website will also feature a study guide and series of learning activities called “The Ancient Art of Conflict Resolution; Northwest Native Traditions” teaching ancient wisdom through the vibrant NW Native style games, music, sculpture, weaving, humor, teachings, storytelling, theater and dance arts.

Jeffrey Todd Ferguson
Spokane, WA – $3,729
Funding for video, which wil feature a Native family in their home from the time they wake up in the morning and head off to school or work until the time they get home and go to bed, including all their daily interactions like: What’s for breakfast? How was your day? What time will you be home? Do your homework. Are we going to the powwow this weekend? Do you have football practice? Did you see that Facebook post? etc.

Kaila Farrell-Smith
Portland, OR – $5,000
Funding to support professional development, expand my art business, and purchase high quality art materials to finish a current body of paintings and mono print series while at two month-long artist residencies.

LNSO/Lummi Cultural Arts Association
Ferndale, WA – $5,000
Funding to prepare artists and marketing outreach for 2017 LCAA Artist calendar of events at Lummi Te’Ti’Sen Center. Broaden the participation of Lummi artists and increase the awareness of these events in the region. Engage Lummi artists – from young to Elder, establish schedule for events and multi-media activities such as hands on demonstrations and fashion shows, and performances from traditional to contemporary.

Mary Ellen Kelsay
Renton, WA – $3,750
Funding to modernize traditional Aleut garments worn in the past and regalia to wear every day or for special occasions. I have a handful designs that I have been working on and this funding will allow me to make my creative ideas reality.

Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment
Pullman, WA – $3,750
Funding for furthering the teaching of Tribal youth and adults with traditional art work or art that exemplifies the Natve Arts and Culture of the Nez Perce (Nimiipuu) people.

One Heart Native Arts and Film Festival
Spokane, WA – $5,000
Funding to ensure the overall success of the One Heart Native Arts and Film Festival.

Quileute Tribe:Quileute Artist Alliance
La Push, WA – $5,000
Funding supports the startup and operational costs for the establishment of a Quileute Artist Alliance, an artists cooperative for the enhancement of opportunities for tribal artists. The Quileute Artist Alliance is a group of native artists dedicated to promoting native art, mentoring developing artists, promoting community wellness through arts, and improving the economic circumstances of the artists and the community around them.

Sara Suzanne Siestreem
Portland, OR – $5,000
Funding to continue the next phase of The Hanis Coos Traditional Weaving Program. This phase consists of eight weaving workshops I will provide for my tribal community from January-March 2017.

Solana Rose Booth
Gig Harbor, WA – $3,750
NAAN Birth Stories will collaborate with our Tribal partners and interview people about their birth stories. Because we understand that NAAN first peoples use to bring our “sacred” children into this world born of our “sacred” women with love, trust and empathy for our families and the environment. We have been detached, displaced and birthing in fear for the last 524 years.

Sonya F. Oberly
Kooskia, ID – $3,375
Funding for the Nez Perce Film project, which will involve the writing, producing and shooting of a short, narrative film. The script will be written and performed in the Nimiipuu language. The story is loosely based on the account of an elderly Nimiipuu lady’s encounter with Bigfoot.

Suquamish Tribe:Suqumish Museum
Suquamish, WA – $5,000
Funding to help establishing an Artist in Residence program for Suquamish Tribal artists to publicly create new art forms and mentor inter-generational students in his/her artistic skills and Native culture. In this way, the Suquamish Tribe can revitalize endangered Native art forms, practices and knowledge for the health and heritage of the Tribal community. The program also enhances the public visibility of the Suquamish artist’s work for ongoing sales and marketing through the Museum.

The Museumm At Warm Springs
Warm Springs, OR – $5,000
Funding to support the 23rd Annual Tribal Member Art Exhibit awards and associated programs. This year we will offer a workshop at which artist Pat Courtney-Gold will help Warm Springs artists learn more about the business of art. We will also offer to photograph the artist with her or his art work. This annual exhibition, along with the Tribal Youth Art Exhibit in January, are favorite activities which bring the community together to honor and celebrate the work of Warm Springs artists.

Vaughn Lee Eide
SeaTac, WA – $3,637.50
Funding for a booklet focusing exclusively on the practice of both pre and post contact tattooing inside the Tlingit tribe. All photographs, tools, and oral records and information regarding the practice will be put into print as well as contemporary wxamples being worn today. The booklet will also adress issues of colonization, difference in worldview, and be used as a tool to empower future genrations with a critcal look at our present day living situation and their ability to challenge and change it.

Zintkala Olowan Cikala Win Stewart
Auburn, WA – $1,000
Funding for the purchase of materials, which will allow my students to take home what they have created and continue in our sacred tradition of beading.

2015 Grantees

2015 Fall Awardee Poster

Spring: Twelve grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana received a total of $40,120 with funding provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an anonymous foundation, private donations, and contributions from the 2014 Fundraising Gala.

Alison Bremner
Kingston, WA – $4,000
A two-month apprenticeship with Tsimshian master David A. Boxley to learn traditional wood carving. Using the skills learned I will replicate an old Yakutat Tlingit mask to be put on public display in Yakutat, Alaska, then gifted to the community.

Alyssa London
Seattle, WA – $2,500
Culture Story Creating products that tell stories of NW Coastal and Alaska Native Culture to increase awareness of our culture’s present day vitality. My goal is to spread appreciation of our culture and expand knowledge of our arts, foods and way of life.

Buck Morigeau
Arlee, MT – $4,120
Contemporary Applications of Traditional Culture & Values As a traditional artist I will teach youth traditional gathering and artwork creation including basketry, regalia and drum making. Students will use current technology to create photo journals and videos of the process and interaction with elders.

Danielle Morsette
Indianola, WA – $5,000
Exhibit Woven: Generations of Time through the Eyes of Danielle Morsette To show the evolution of Salish Weaving from before contact, with a focus on showing both the simple and pure aspects of Salish Weaving and how it evolved to become increasing complex with the addition of new elements, techniques and materials.

Jack-lyn Smith
Skokomish Nation, WA – $5,000
To provide materials for the families to continue traditional art forms and related ceremonies.

Jeff Ferguson
Beaver, WA – $2,500
Traditional Native Artists from the Northwest I am asking for funds to upgrade my video gear and to pay myself and travel expenses to create an hour long video, for public broadcast and internet, about traditional Native artists who teach their craft and the importance of cultural preservation.

Magdalene Sanders
Tenino, WA – $2,000
Modern meets Traditional The ability to incorporate traditional elements of Native Art into modern mediums.

Marlene Simla
Toppenish, WA – $2,000
To publish a children’s picture book titled “The Epic Struggle between Spilyay and Wishpoosh”

PeaceWorks International/ Hamumu Collective
Indianola, WA – $2,500
Salmon Spirit Film PeaceWorks International aka Hamumu Collective requests support to produce a film presentation of traditional legends as told by Joe Ives, S’Klallam artist and elder including his carved transformation masks and puppets.

Rowena Jackson
Eugene, OR – $1,500
Screen Print Equipment & Supplies Funds in support of Conveyor belt dryer, flash dryer, exposure unit, pressure washer, wash out booth, blank clothing, and mic supplies to take on big jobs and help other people with their business.

Troy Olson
Bellingham, WA – $4,000
Spirit of the Sxwo’le – Keeper of the Tradition – Coast Salish Weaving Whiteswan Environmental – WE (One Mind for the Purpose of the Work) are two individuals asking Potlatch for $5,000 on behalf of Troy Herman Olsen for our Spirit of the Sxwo’le (reef-net) – KEEPER OF THE TRADITION – Coast Salish Weaver project.

Valda Evening Smith
Pocatello, ID – $5,000
Native American Cultural Preservation I am requesting continued supplemental funding to assist me in continuing the Native American Cultural Preservation Project.

2014 Grantees

Fall Cycle: Eleven grantees in Washington, Oregon and Montana received a total of $37,500 with funding provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, two anonymous foundations, private donations, and contributions from the 2013 Fundraising Gala.

Chenoa and Keith Egawa
WA – $5,000
Funds to support publishing and printing of Coast Salish-Lummi and S’Klallam storybook called, “Tani’s Search for the Heart”. 

David Boxley
WA – $5,000
Funds to support eight week ceremonial mask carving class for ceremonial dancers.

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe: Heritage Department
WA – $5,000
Funding for instructors to provide traditional techniques of weaving tapestries and blankets on looms to reclaim art form that is endangered in the community.

Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association
WA – $5,000
Funds to support traditional raw basketry material and supplies for young weavers workshop, as well as support website, newsletters communications.

Dion Albert
MT – $3,750
Funds for artist supplies and equipment for traditional Salish brain-hide tanning and bay moccasin project, “Doot Dot Deets” 

The Museum at Warm Springs
OR – $3,750
Funds to support honorariums to Elders to provide instruction with Tribal K-8 Academy on Tribal traditional seasonal activities in relation to art. 

Makah Tribe: Economic Development
WA – $2,500
Support for lead artist youth apprentices funds to produce and create traditional cedar-carved benches for community gathering place

Toma Villa
OR – $2,500
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission would like a Native artist, Toma Villa create artistic murals of Native Treaty Fishing Access Sites along the Columbia River.

Vaughn Eide 
WA – $2,500
Support for supplies and tools for Tlingit silversmith to explore clan imagery on silver bracelets.

Jael Marquette
WA – $1,250
Funds to support a carving a totem project for skateboard park To carve cedar totem pole for community skateboard park. Support funds for Master Native carver apprentice of emerging young Makah artist and carver

Miranda Crystal Laber
MT – $1,250
Funds to support Native film project on social and community issues of enrollment and blood quantum to determine membership on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation. 

Spring Cycle: Twelve grantees in Washington, Oregon and Montana received a total of $30,000 with funding provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, two anonymous foundations, private donations, and contributions from the 2013 Fundraising Gala.

Anna Brown Ehlers
WA – $5,000
Support for supplies and time to traditional Northern Tlingit chilkat blanket weaving apron composed of yellow cedar and wool, smoked moose hide, and deer hooves as fringe. 

Phyllis Grant
WA – $5,000
Support for artist time and supplies to produce traditional hide tanning as an ethnographic art form with demonstrations to Spokane and Colville Tribal communities. 

Wisdom of the Elders, Inc.
OR – $5,000
Support for Northwest Native Artists to create healing artworks and storied to be used in exhibition of Surviviance Collection that emphasizes on identity and transformation of Native people. 

Shaun Peterson
WA – $4,000
Support for film gear to conduct elder interviews about Tribal perspectives by a Native-led video crew and made available to the Hibulb Cultural Center in Tulalip. 

Dacia Whitworth
MT – $2,500
Support for materials (hides, bead, etc.) to make regalia for Native Foster youth in Salish communities. 

Sandy Osawa
WA – $2,500
Support for script writing of “Usual and Accustomed Places” film to include interviews about the fishing rights, treaty wars, and right to fish from perspective of Indian people in the Pacific NW. 

Nooksack Indian Tribe: Culture Department
WA – $2,000
Support for supplies to hold a cedar hat making class including the traditional art of gathering, using tools, hat making, and significance at potlatch ceremonies. 

Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
WA – $1,200
Support for phase two of a writing project about Tribal Canoe Journeys that include past and present narratives from elders.

Andy Sarcia-Peltier
WA – $850
Support for portable screen printing press for Native design artist to host outreach and workshops that inspire Native youth to make their own tee shirts. 

Jeff Ferguson
WA – $850
Support for photographic supplies to hold exhibition of both traditional and contemporary regalia with an emphasis on endangered regalia items.

Natasha Alphonse
WA – $850
Support for purchase of a kiln for contemporary ceramic and sculptural art by a young Native artist which will assist with skill refinement and exploration of medium. 

George Miller
WA – $250
Support funds for purchase of first camera to explore urban Nature while amidst being in/out of homelessness in Seattle.

2013 Grantees

Fall Cycle: Fourteen grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana received a total of $48,310 with funding provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, two Foundations which wish to remain anonymous, and the 2012 Gala Silent Auction proceeds. 

Antoine Sandoval 
Arlee, MT – $2,250
General funds support the artist in building business capacity by developing internet promotion, creating art samples, and upgrading digital tools for graphic art projects.

Betty Pasco 
Poulsbo, WA – $5,000
Support for the cedar weaving project to make cedar sail for canoe.

Burns Paiute Tribe
Burns, OR – $4,850
Support for the traditional drum making supplies for summer Paiute Language and song workshop.

Coquille Indian Tribe
North Bend, OR – $1,900
Support for supplies for Tsut Dah Ya With-Tit traditional technologies workshop that include atlatl throwing, canoe carving, basketry, and flint-knapping instruction. 

Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts
Pendleton, OR – $5,000
Project funding supports CSIA’s Traditional Arts workshops that serve Tribes of the mid-Columbia Plateau region in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.

David Robert Boxley
Kingston, WA – $3,000
Project funding supports the carving of a red cedar totem pole by a Tsimshian artist that will also serve as a teaching tool for youth and community members interested in carving, culture and tradition.

Dion Albert
Polson, MT – $2,500
General support funding supports the creation of a workshop that will provide space for the creation of Birch Bark and other Salish & Kootenai traditional arts forms, as well as a teaching area for workshops to promote the preservation of these arts.

Donna Huff-Ahvakana
Kingston, WA – $5,000
Support for dance regalia (mukluks, drums, drum sticks, dance mitts/ gloves, masks, etc.) for Inupiaq Dancer group. 

Erin Genia
Olympia, WA – $2,750
Enhance indigenous artist skills in clay, carving, sculpture at Kokiri Putah Gathering in New Zealand. 

Hamumu Theater Collective Peace Works International
Indianola, WA – $2,000
Support for live theatre company utilizing traditional carvers for mask and headdress for puppet performance project.

Keely Parker
Clallam Bay, WA – $5,000
Support for “Develop more Song Leaders” traditional song and cultural leadership development training project to promote youth to become lead singers and drummers for community. 

Tachini Pete Jr.
Arlee, MT – $2,100
Support for supplies for traditional drum making and crafting of powwow drums and hand drums made of traditional hide, wood, glue, and sinew. 

The People’s Center 
Pablo, MT – $1,960
Support for Salish/Kootenai traditional dance regalia making which includes hide tanning, making moccasins, cradle board and beading. 

Valda Evening Smith 
Pocatello, ID – $5,000
Support for general funds for Master Shoshone-Bannock bead worker artist to mentor five novice artists.

Spring Cycle: Eleven grantees in Washington and Oregon received a total of $33,690 in funding. 

Alex McCarty
Neah Bay, WA – $5,000
Support to provide Native art workshops and mentorship to three young artists in Northwest coastal art forms with a permanent mural as the finished product.

Allison Bremner
Kingston, WA – $1,300
Support for the continued learning of the endangered Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving practices through master/apprentice workshops.

David Boxley
Kingston, WA – $5,000
Support for carving workshops that will revive the creation of traditional feasting utensils used in potlatch ceremonies.

Elizabeth LaPensee
Portland, OR – $2,000
Support for the final stages of development of “Survivance” a social impact game that will enable players to explore traditions, stories, and art as a pathway to healing.

Jeffrey Veregge
Kingston, WA – $590
Support for the artist to exhibit his Salish influenced comic book artwork at Emerald City Comicon.

Matika Wilbur
La Conner, WA – $2,500
Support for Project 562 which is seeks to document Native American Tribes through photography in ways that challenge existing stereotypes.

Nooksack Indian Tribe Paddle Making
Nooksack, WA – $4,800
Support for twelve Native youth to learn the art of canoe paddlemaking through local artist-led workshops.

Port Gamble S’Klallam Foundation
Kingston , WA – $2,500
Support for a traditional cedar carving for the Heronswood Botanical Garden and education of five Tribal youth in carving techniques.

Sanduuts Robert Peele
Seattle, WA – $2,500
Support for the public carving of a canoe by Haida carver Saaduuts a the Center for Wooden Boats at South Lake Union in Seattle.

Sandy Osawa
Seattle, WA – $5,000
Support for the creation of a script of “Usual and Accustomed Places (1900-1980)” a documentary film that will feature the Indian heroes who fought for the treaty right to fish in the Northwest.

Sherry MacGregor
Sequim , WA – $2,500
Support for a Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal elder to write a book that will explore and document Coast Salish canoe culture.

2012 Grants 

Twelve grantees in Washington and Oregon received a total of $27,616 with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the 2011 Gala Silent Auction proceeds.

Bryson Liberty
West Linn, OR $1,000
Funding to promote and strengthen the writing works of a rural, 86-year Native Umatilla fiction and non-fiction perspectives.

Chrystal Byrd
Seattle, WA $2,000 
Funds to purchase supplies for Native art workshops held at Juvenile Detention Centers/ Group Homes/ Treatment Centers/ Shelters for the at-risk Native Youth. 

David Bluff
Spokane, WA $1,800
Funds will support artist’s time spend on creation of digitization and animation of Kalispel Tribe Native stories.

Deborah Alexander
Everson, WA $1,728
Funds will support Master Carver instruction project to repair a cedar canoe “Haida Spirit”, as well as, pass art form to students.

Elaine Grinnell
Sequim, WA $2,598 
Funding to support audio masters stories “Ancestral Stories of the Klallam People.” version 2. 

Elissa Washuta
Seattle, WA $1,500 
Funds for Northwest Native writer to publish personal story of trauma, diet, and woman’s health which writer will host readings, workshops, conferences.

Bellingham, WA $1,000
Funds to teach youth murals artwork to community with intent to replace unwanted graffiti. Artist will mentor and demonstrate how to change a vandalized wall, transform it to a cultural beautiful mural.

John Smith
Skokomish, WA $4,000
Funds to produce a Salish artist mentorship program held at the artist studio on the Skokomish Reservation. Funds would be used to purchase tools, equipment, and an old growth cedar for various projects, carving, weaving and painting.

Lummi Cultural Artists Association
Bellingham, WA $5, 000 
Establish a website and booklet dedicated to media-based marketing and promotion of tribal arts and artisans. Additionally funds support providing training to tribal members specific to entrepreneurship, the arts, branding and web-based marketing.

Marlene Spencer Simla
Toppenish, WA $2,000 
To publish a picture book of three Yakama legends to be used in Early Childhood Education classrooms, Middle School Indian Clubs, and the Foster Care Independent Living Skills Class.

Sondra Simone Segundo
Seattle, WA $ 2,500 
Project is to finish a book “Formline Art Made Easy”. Upon completion of the manuscript will continue to share the book and offer classes to students.

Spokane Tribal College
Spokane, WA $2,500
Native Arts courses held at College to support tribal students obtain their Associates Degree Funds covering supply and instruction costs community-enrolled participants.

2011 Grants 

Twenty two grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana received a total of $40,000 with funding from the 2010 Gala Silent Auction proceeds.

Center Pole at Wellknown Buffalo 
Garryowen, MT $2,160
Funding to create Wellknown Buffalo Cultural Art Center and Market to expose reservation youth and the general public to Crow traditional arts

Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts 
Pendleton, OR $2,160
Funds for supplies used in three different traditional arts workshops.

David J Wilson 
Olympia, WA $4,000
Funding to purchase the log used in the carving of a welcome figure.

Elizabeth Swanaset 
Auburn, WA $2,160
Funding for the production of a traditional foods cookbook. 

Eugene “Gordon” Henry 
Harlem, MT $250
Funding for an art display case. 

Helena Indian Alliance 
Helena, MT $1,700
Funding for the supplies used in a regalia and dance workshop.

James Old Coyote 
Suquamish, WA $1,550
Funding for recording and creating CDs of coastal drumming. .

John T Williams Memorial Totem Pole Project 
Seattle, WA $5,000
Funding allocated to the construction of the foundation for the totem pole. 

Leslie Louie 
Worley, ID $1,700
Funding to aid in the production of twelve 15 minute mini digital stories. 

Lillian Pitt 
Portland, OR $2,160
Funding for the kiln used for a clay mask and tile making workshop in Celilo, OR. 

Margaret Nation 
Seattle, WA $250
Funding for the supplies involved in the creation of an art installation at the Chief Seattle Club.

Melissa Joy Streun 
Kingston, WA $1,700
Funding for the production of 15 educational videos, documenting basic and intermediate cedar weaving skills. 

Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association 
Covington, WA $2,160
Funding for the 17th Annual Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association Gathering in Suquamish. 

Pauline Hillaire 
Bellingham, WA $250
Funding to aid in the production of digital storytelling.

Portland Inter-Tribal Canoe Club 
Happy Valley, OR $250
Funding to aid in canoe gathering.

Quileute Tribal School 
Forks, WA $1,500
Funding to purchase materials, tools, and workspace for Quileute Tribal school students, their families, and community members to facilitate learning about traditional Northwest Coast Native art styles and carving techniques. 

Quinault Indian Nation 
Tahola, WA $2,160
Funding for a project designed for the members of the Julas and Canoe Clubs to teach the next generation of youth and children to create the various types of capes and jewelry traditionally worn by the tribe.

Shirley Criqui 
Wapato, WA $250
Funding for the oral dictation software for a Yakama elder to write her memoir.

Theresa Parker 
Neah Bay, WA $2,160
Funding for the supplies for a basketry workshop.

Tina D Ray 
Spokane, WA $2,160
Funding for the supplies used in hand drum, basket weaving, and jewelry workshops for Native children in Spokane. 

Tor Parker 
Port Angeles, WA $2,160
Funding for the creation of a creative writing anthology.

William Murphy
Newport, OR $2,160
Funding to aid in the purchase of a glass grinder for a glass artist. 

2010 Grants 

Twelve grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana received a total of $35,000 with funding from the WK Kellogg Foundation and donations made in conjunction with our 2009 Gala. 

Angel Sobotta 
Lapwai, ID $1,700
Funds will support the reintroduction of the Welcome and Swan Dancers to the Nez Perce Community. It will involve dance instruction, regalia design and construction and language instruction.

Danica Parkin 
Deer Park, WA $2,500
Funding support to complete and publish a bilingual children’s book. The book is based on a traditional berry picking and counting song, and depicts ten important food and medicine berries of Salish people of the Inland Northwest.

Darrell W. Charles, Jr. 
Port Angeles, WA $4.050
Funding support to complete and publish a bilingual children’s book. The book is based on a traditional berry picking and counting song, and depicts ten important food and medicine berries of Salish people of the Inland Northwest.

Edward W. Charles 
Kingston, WA $5,000
This project is to design and construct a casket that will be made from Western Red Cedar. It will be given to the Port Gamble Tribe to be used by Tribal members as a viewing casket for departed family members that are going to be cremated after the funeral.

Jake Rae 
Seattle, WA $2,500
Funds will be used to upgrade to a more current software system to allow him to design more efficiently and expand the scope of his work. 

Leanne Campbell
Plummer, ID $2,500
This grant request is for the purpose of purchasing a Mac Book Pro, the software, protection plan, and to provide wages for her to build and maintain a website.

Nez Perce Arts Council 
Lapwai, ID $3,000
This grant was requested to support Tribal artists that will be contracted to do once a month cultural arts enrichment workshops or projects at each of the tribal communities of Lapwai, Kamiah and Orofino, and Idaho.

Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association 
Covington, WA $5,000
Funds will assist the (NNANA) in holding an annual gathering of weavers teaching weavers at Kay Nee Ta High Desert Resort in Warm Springs, Oregon.

Peg Deam
Suquamish, WA $1,250
The purpose of these funds will be to acquire a teacher in the fiber arts to work with nettle fibers so traditional cedar bark clothing can truly be authentic. Suquamish cedar bark clothing is her passion but incomplete because nettle twine is not used to weave the bark together.

Perri McDaniel 
Grand Ronde, OR $3,500
Funds will be used to create a catalog of Northwest Native Artists and their work and to purchase samples of these artists work.

Rena Priest 
Bellingham, WA $2,800
Funds will be used to purchase a letterpress so that she can utilize her skills in fine-press publishing to print Native art, literature, and oral histories. 

Southwestern Oregon Tribal Basket Guild 
Eugene, OR $1,200
Funds will be used to support the First Annual Conference of the Southern Oregon Tribal Basketry Guild and the development of a DVD compilation of weaver’s knowledge.

2009 Grants 

Twenty-seven grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana received a total of $40,000 with funding from the Boeing Company, the WK Kellogg Foundation (challenge grant)and donations made in conjunction with our 2008 Gala.

Delbert Miller
Skokomish Nation WA, $4,250
Funds to purchase tools, materials and equipment to make cultural and spiritual implements, to enhance my skills as an artist and to share the knowledge, skills and resources with children and adults as a means for education, cultural preservation, etc.

Kalispel Tribe of Indians
Usk WA, $4,250
Funds for general support of the Kalispel Ambassadors’ Performing Arts and language Revitalization Initiative through September 2010.

Quileute Tribal School 
La Push WA, $4,250
Funds to purchase tools for Quileute Tribal School students and community members to facilitate learning about traditional NW Coast Native art styles and carving practices. Materials and work space will be provided by the Tribal School and Council.

Nooksack Indian Tribe 
Deming WA, $2,750
Funds to provide art materials for their at risk youth to provide positive direction. Native youth become artists, and in the process, re-identify their cultural heritage that has gone astray.

Kaila Rose Farrell-Smith 
Eugene OR, $2,500
Funding to participate in two large art expositions. 15 pieces at The New York Fine Art Expo and the Santa Fe Indian Market. Funds will offset booth fees, printing & framing, advertisements, and shipping.

Blackhorse Pride 
Helena MT, $2,000
Funds to support their work to preserve and promote the art of traditional storytelling as a way for their Native youth to reconnect with their heritage.

Matika Wilbur 
Seattle WA, $2,000
Funds to purchase a Canon Digital SLR Camera in support of her projects entitled 1) Save the Indian and Kill the Man, 2) I-human and 3) We Are One People

Northwest Indian College 
Bellingham WA, $2,000
Funds to support a three-day Weavers Teaching Weavers Conference plus Native Arts Sale Day to be held April 21 -24, 2010.

One Sky tchnk’wasq’it Arts Council 
Plummer ID, $2,000
Funds for a laptop, printer, software and website development funds for their newly formed tchnk’wasq’t Art Council so that they can promote their Tribe’s artists and artwork via a website and also coordinate our Council’s work.

Shaun Peterson 
Fife WA, $2,000
Funds to begin the process of making paddles Natives can afford. Possible to grow into a Native company where capital will allow for the creation of other items.

Mark Charles 
Port Angeles WA, $1,000
Funding to purchase a shed to keep the artist’s band saw and other carving equipment in. Also to build a little awning in front of the shed to work under.

Anthony Callaway 
Seattle WA, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Bill Running Fisher 
Dodson MT, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Carmanita Pimms 
Wapato WA, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Duwamish Tribal Services 
Seattle WA, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Felix M. Solomon 
Bellingham WA, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Isha -R- Jules 
Bellingham WA, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs 
Warm Springs OR, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Jeffrey Veregge 
Bremerton WA, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Louis Marchand 
Deer Park WA, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Northern Star Blankets
Arlee MT, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Rocky Boy Native Arts & Carafts Co-op
Box Elder MT, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Tsimshian Haayuuk Dance Group
Seattle WA, $750
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Iris L. Main 
Bismarck ND, $500
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Melissa J. Streun 
Kingston WA, $500
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Pamela J. Morganroth 
La Push WA, $500
General support of artistic talent and projects.

Roger Tinoco 
Port Angeles WA, $500
General support of artistic talent and projects.

2008 Grants

Seventeen grantees in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana received a total of $33,500 in funding.

White Swan Arts & Recreation Committee
White Swan WA, $5,000

Nez Perce Arts Council
Lapwai ID, $3,500

Nooksack Indian Tribe
Deming WA, $3500

Red Lodge Transition Services
Portland OR, $3,500

Rocky Boy Native Arts & Crafts Co-op
Box Elder, MT, $3,500

Tierra Madre Fund
Seattle, WA, $3,500

Coup Marks Cooperative
Pablo MT, $1,500

Elizabeth A. Woody
Pendleton OR, $1,250

Jack Cagey
Bellingham WA, $1,250

Joseph Seymour, Jr.
Shelton WA, $1,250

Keith Egawa
Seattle WA, $1,250

Michelle Jefferson
Bellingham WA, $1,250

Rich Demain
Bremerton WA, $1,250

Ameliatte L. Hardy
Pocatello WA, $500

Chuck Williams
The Dalles OR, $500

The Raven Chronicles
Seattle WA, $500

Trevino Brings Plenty 
Portland OR, $500

2007 Grants

Nineteen grantees in Washington, Oregon, and Montana received a total of $37,500 in funding.

Big Arm, Dayton & Elmo Community Committee
Elmo MT, $3,500

Brett Wagner
Browning MT, $1,000

Chuck Williams
The Dalles OR, $1,000

Coup Marks Cooperative
Ronan MT, $3,000

Dara Dickinson
Willamina OR, $1,000

Duwamish Tribal Services
Seattle WA, $4,000

Earle Thompson Media Lab at Chief Seattle Club
Seattle WA, $1,500

Floyd Jones & Jake Jones
Kingston WA, $3,500

Gene Tagaban
Ferndale WA, $2,500

Kalispel Tribe of Indians
Usk WA $1,000

LaRae Wiley
Chewelah WA, $2,500

Lisa Brown / Native Creations
Siletz OR, $500

Matika Wilbur
La Conner WA, $500

Morgan Strang
Powers OR, $500

Northwest Indian College: Cooperative Extension Office
Bellingham WA, $4,000

Pat Courtney Gold
Scappoose OR, $2,500

Sondra Simone Segundo 
Seattle WA, $3,000

Tulalip Tribal Art Manufacturing & Training Center 
Tulalip WA, $1,000

Yakama Nation Museum
Toppenish WA, $1,000

2006 Grants

Sixteen grantees in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho received a total of $24,000 in funding.

Apolonia Susana Santos
Warm Springs OR, $2,500

Gloria Bird
Ford WA, $3,500

Yakama Nation
Toppenish WA, $3,300

Jewell James
Ferndale WA, $3,000

Robert N. Guerrero
Tacoma WA, $2,500

Minerva Soucie
Burns OR, $1,500

Cowlitz Indian Tribe
Longview WA, $1,200

Boys and Girls Club of Oregon
Redmond OR, $1,000

Gail Miller
Shelton WA, $1,000

Nixyaawii Community School
Pendleton OR, $1,000

Pete Peterson, Sr.
Hoodsport WA, $1,000

Gary Stevens
Seattle WA, $500

Kemo M. Scott
Lapwai ID, $500

Lorna K. Johnson
Neah Bay WA $500

Maxine Stremler
Bellingham WA, $500

Shaun Peterson
Fife WA, $500

2005 Grants

Eleven grantees in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho received a total of $35,055 in funding.

American Indian Business Leaders
Seattle WA, $5,000

Andrew Goseyun Morrison
Seattle WA, $4,000

Bruce A. Cook, III & Anna Hoover
Seattle WA, $1,000

Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts
Pendleton OR, $4,905

Duwamish Tribal Services
Seattle WA, $3,250

Ed Edmo and Vince Wannassay
Portland OR, $1,400

Elaine Yvonne Grinnell
Sequim WA, $4,000

Mary Williams
Lapwai ID, $500

Melissa Peterson
Neah Bay WA $5,000

Odin Lonning
Vashon WA, $3,000

The Museum At Warm Springs
Warm Springs OR, $3,000