Katherine “KP” Paul

Katherine “KP” Paul brings her events planning and fundraising experience to her job as Potlatch Fund’s relationship manager. KP has her own band, Black Belt Eagle Scout, and worked for many years at the Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, as well as world-renowned Mississippi Studios, where she produced concerts and other events. “I would love for other people to get to know more about our grantees…we support beautiful communities of Native people and I want their stories to be told,” she says. Read more about KP here. Read Interview With Katherine “KP” Paul

Shannon Kopelva

Shannon Kopelva (Paiute, Hualapai, Hopi) brings her education and experience in anthropology and museology to her work as Potlatch Fund’s administrative manager. Since moving to Seattle from Arizona, she has worked for Chihuly Garden & Glass, the Beyond the Frame – To Be Native campaign, and Seattle Foundation, where she was introduced to the field of philanthropy. “My position at Potlatch Fund marries my passion for Native arts and culture,” she says. Learn more about Shannon here. Read Interview With Shannon Kopelva

Rebecca Miles

Rebecca Miles Read more about Rebecca here. Read Interview With Rebecca Miles

Brian Tanner

Brian Tanner (Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes/Rocky Boy Cree) brings his experience working in the areas of health prevention, economic development, and education to his job as Potlatch Fund’s director of philanthropic partnerships. In this role, he builds and nurtures the relationships that bring much-needed support to Indigenous communities. “I believe funders can give funds and resources to us and know that we’re a one-stop shop to get critical funds into Indigenous communities in a meaningful way,” he says. Read more about Brian here. Read Interview With Brian Tanner

Cleora Hill-Scott

Cleora Hill-Scott Read more about Cleora here. Read Interview With Cleora Hill-Scott

Dr. Renée Holt

Renée Holt (Diné, Nimiipuu) hopes to use her time on the board to help create meaningful relationships with funders in order to help Potlatch Fund meet its fundraising goals. She has served as a teacher educator, with a research focus on curriculum development and Indigenous methodologies, and has worked with national educators on Native control of Native education. “There is so much work to be done, but there is not a lack or need we cannot address when we work together as Native people,” she says. Read more about Renée here. Read Interview With Dr. Renée Holt

Jennifer Vickers

Jennifer Vickers (Nipmuc) has a work history that’s taken her from her first job at Albertsons grocery store to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with many stops in between. Now, she plans to bring her varied job experiences and expertise as a grants manager to her work as a board member. “I want people to know and see the value in trusting and partnering with Indigenous-led organizations that are funding Indigenous people; that decolonizing philanthropy is not only possible but a viable way forward,” she says. Read more about Jennifer here. Read Interview With Jennifer S. Vickers

Tai Simpson

Tai Simpson (Nimiipuu, Black) brings her passion for social justice and community organizing to her role as a board member. For the past 15 years, she’s worked with grassroots groups and movements to change her community and the state of Idaho, where she lives. “Potlatch Fund tirelessly supports community led initiatives. We see much of philanthropy fall short of supporting our Indigenous communities, many of which are most impacted by the intersections of marginalization and oppression. To work intentionally to center the art and education needs of our Indigenous communities is a step toward collective liberation,” she says. Read more about Tai here. Read Interview With Tai Simpson

Celine Phair

Celine Phair (Lummi Nation) works as the director of operations for the Lummi Commercial Company. With her background in treasury management and financial planning, she hopes to help Potlatch Fund achieve its strategic goals for sustainability and relationship building during her time as a board member. “I was raised on the idea that wealth is not to be accumulated in excess—take only what you need and share the rest. The mission of Potlatch Fund is based on the same teachings I was raised on, only it has a much larger reach geographically than I ever could as an individual,” she says. Read more about Celine here. Read Interview With Celine Phair

Susan Balbas

Susan Balbas (Cherokee, Yaqui) has been active in the philanthropic sector for more than 25 years, including serving as the co-founder and executive director of Na’ah Illahee Fund and working to advance environmental justice and Indigenous rights. “Native communities and Tribal nations in the United States have been marginalized and erased for far too long. We need to address systemic inequities by strengthening sovereign Indigenous systems, and supporting Potlatch Fund is one strategy to do just that,” she says. Learn more about Susan here. Read Interview With Susan Balbas