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Grantmaking: Healthy Pathways for Native Youth

Through this initiative, Potlatch Fund will provide grant support to summertime projects that share our vision of investing in Native youth as our current and future leaders. We seek new or existing programs with the important goal of providing Native youth the leadership skills they need to balance cultural change and continuity in a world fraught with challenging issues. This initiative will support Native youth in their transformation from childhood to young adulthood by providing resources to their home communities as they equip them with cultural knowledge that builds resilience, strength, and health and wellness.

The 2016 Grant Cycle is currently CLOSED.


  • Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $5,000.
  • Potlatch Fund will not provide 100% funding of project expenses.
  • Organizations may only receive funding for one Potlatch Fund grant per calendar year.
  • Organizations must be located, and provide services, in: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana.


  • Help strengthen Native cultural identity and provide positive role models for how to navigate "walking in two worlds".
  • Provide transformative learning experiences through community-based action models that challenge Native youth to lead and serve, while re-affirming cultural heritage (for example: canoe journeys, rites of passage, connecting with the land and traditional ecological knowledge, and summer culture camps).
  • Create strong and positive networks that include Elders, peers, extended family, and community members who are invested in supporting and mentoring Native youth.
  • Build resiliency as a prevention strategy against the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse, depression and suicide, and the adverse effects of intergenerational poverty.

Successful Applications will Demonstrate

  • How the proposed project/program will provide leadership opportunities for Native youth.
  • A strong positive impact that the program/project will have on the community.
  • That the organization possesses the capacity to carry-out the proposed work.

Please note, funding is limited to our service area: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.