Grantmaking Program

Since 2005, Potlatch Fund has re-granted over $2.5 million in the support of tribes, tribal nonprofits, Native-led nonprofits, Native artists, and Native initiatives in our four state service area of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

Healthy Pathways for Native Youth

This grant cycle is currently CLOSED for 2016.

Through this initiative, Potlatch Fund will provide grant support to summertime projects that share our vision of investing in Native youth as our current and future leaders. We envision funding new or existing programs that work to further the important goal of supporting Native youth as they seek to balance cultural change and continuity while providing them with the leadership skills needed to address the demands of a changing world. In collaboration with their home communities, we seek to support Native youth in their transformation from childhood to young adulthood by equipping them with culture, resilience, strength, and health and wellness.

Native Student Success

This grant cycle is currently CLOSED for 2016.

Education is the key to our collective future. These grants encourage organizational learning and build capacity for Tribal communities and Native-led nonprofits to develop local solutions for important issues in Washington State and the greater Portland, Oregon region. We are looking for applicants who are interested in the development, implementation, and sharing of “best” or “highly effective” practices in your project areas and achieving your outcomes of interest.

Community Building

This grant cycle is currently CLOSED for 2016.

Whether residing on a rural reservation or within a large metropolitan area, nurturing a sense of community is essential to Native people and their identity. We support community projects or programs that impart values, histories, and knowledge across generations to make our communities stronger and healthier. We are particularly interested in supporting initiatives that address the root causes of social, economic, racial, or environmental injustices.

Language Preservation and Education

This grant cycle is currently CLOSED for 2016.

Language is an integral part of identity and sadly many Indigenous languages are critically endangered. We support projects involving: language preservation and documentation efforts, educational enrichment and after-school youth programming, and educator professional development. This program aims to foster the inclusion of cultural identities in educational environments through language learning and engagement.

Native Arts

This grant cycle is currently CLOSED for 2016.

In Native culture art is often not separate from everyday life, but rather art is the center of life. Everyday objects are adorned with significant designs that perpetuate tribal identity, culture, and knowledge. Funding priority will be given to projects from individual artists, arts organizations, or Tribal museums who are working to revitalize art forms, practices, and offer knowledge transfer opportunities from Elders and cultural practitioners to a new generation.