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Potlatch Fund is proud to support the Native Arts in Northwest Indian Country. Here is how you can help.

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Funding Native Arts: Empowering the Center of Tribal Life [pdf]

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Grantmaking: Native Arts

Native art has always been integral to every aspect of tribal life. In tribal culture, art is not separate from everyday life, but rather art is the center of tribal life and everyday objects and tools are decorated beautifully with designs that perpetuate tribal identity, culture, and knowledge. This year funding priority will be given to projects from individual Native artists, Native arts organizations, or Tribal museums who are working to revitalize endangered Native art forms, practices, and knowledge through intergenerational opportunities that transfer knowledge from elders and cultural retainers to a new generation.

It is Potlatch Fund's belief that artists of Tribal and Native communities represent a highly profound role in the community. This grant supports the artist in the pursuit of his/her mastery of expression in correlation to community engagement.

The 2016 Grant Cycle is currently CLOSED.


  • Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $5,000.
  • Potlatch Fund will not provide 100% funding of project expenses.
  • Organizations/Individuals may only receive funding for one Potlatch Fund grant per calendar year.
  • Organizations/Individuals must be located, and provide services, in: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana.

Goals of the Native Arts Grant Program

  • Promote and preserve Northwest Native cultures through artistic expression.
  • Foster and strengthen the business capacity (sales / marketing / model) and/or artistic capacity of Native artists and communities.
  • Provide a means to increase access to, and leverage funds from, other foundations that support art.
  • Revitalize Native art forms and practices through intergenerational knowledge transfer opportunities such as the master and apprentice model.

Types of Projects / Programs

  • Grants to individual Native artists for their projects.
  • Grants to Tribes, Tribal nonprofits, and Native-led nonprofits for arts projects.

Successful Applications will Demonstrate

  • How the proposed work integrates strong artistic and cultural expression that contributes to the field of Northwest Native art.
  • How the proposed work will impact and serve your community.
  • How the proposed work will revitalize Northwest Native art forms and practices including, but not limited to, basketry, weaving, carving, beadwork, regalia making, dance, song, etc.
  • How apprenticeships will encourage the sharing of cultural knowledge and techniques and provide intergenerational learning opportunities.
  • That the applicant possesses the capacity to carry-out the proposed work.

Please note, funding is limited to our service area: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.